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Live Acoustics are an innovative specialist acoustic consultancy. We design custom-made acoustic solutions and incorporate acoustic panels, hanging panels, printed panels, ceiling panels, space patitioning room dividers etc. Architectural acoustics is the connection between how sound is produced in a space and the effect on those listening to the sound in that space. Architectural and building acoustics is concerned with achieving high intelligibility in varying spaces like:

Open Plan Office Space, Huddle Space and Boardrooms, Education and Training Rooms, Telepresence and Delegate Systems, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Courtrooms and Public Buildings, Recording Studios & Booths, Control Rooms, Theatres and Auditoriums, Geodesic Domes & Elipses

A simple example of before (problem) after (solution) acoustic treatment.

There are a whole host of interdependent parameters that contribute to optimising any custom built acoustic space. Important elements like active noise control and soundproofing can make a huge difference to the quality and clarity of any aural or multimedia experience.

Good acoustic design considers issues such as:

  •   The sound reverberation over time
  •   The sound absorption of the surface materials
  •   How much the sound echoes in the acoustic space
  •   Sound shadows cause sound to fail due to other obstructions and disruptions – wind etc
  •   The sound intimacy, how close the listener feels to the performing group
  •   Texture, the pause between when the direct sound arrives and first few reverberations
  •   Blend is the mixing all sound together of all the performers and their uniform distribution to the listeners
  •   External noise is noise that interferes with the listener’s ability to focus on internal noise

One cannot overemphasize how important these points are in ensuring unimpeded sound control in studios built for mixing and mastering audio.

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